Citigroup or Citi’s global branch network or Citi retail banking is known to a lot of people to just Citibank. It has greater than 4,600 branches in the world. It also has more than USD 300 billion in terms of deposits. For the United States alone, its retail bank actually is the third biggest based on their deposits. Moreover, there are Citibank branches anywhere in the world, with the exclusion of Mexico. The country has its own subsidiary named Banamex. Citibank offers Citibank checking and savings account or Citigold as well as services for commercial banking, personal wealth management, and small businesses. By 2011, Citi became the first bank to begin the digitized Smart Banking branches in Tokyo, Busan, New York, and Washington, D.C. ever since it fixed its branch network. New sales and service centers opened both in St. Petersburg and in Moscow. They have a service that is open 24 hours named the Citi Express Module that opened in Colombia. In addition, Citi opened branches in more recent time 3 more new cities also to increase its presence in China in more than 13 cities.

Morover, Citibank offers Citigold services any time in the world for rich clients that have at least USD 50,000 in liquid assets. In particular markets, Citigold Select is accessible by clients who have at least USD 500,000 in liquid assets. Citibank’s top tiered service is Citigold Private Client. This is for persons who have a high net worth of liquid assets ranging from USD 1 million to USD 3 million. They offer these individuals ideas and investment access from Citi Private Bank.

Hence, if you have an existing account with Citicards or a Citi credit card and you would like a Citicards login, all that is required of you is a desktop or a laptop or a mobile device. These have to have a safe internet connection. You would also have to have a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari. You should also keep in handy your details for your bank account so it is ready to plug in online.

Maybe one of the benefits of having a Citicards my account is that you can open it in any web browser in any mobile device. You may also utilize this Citicards my account to check and cover your bills, transfer funds, check your balance, and such.

Seen next are the procedures and images so you can have your own login.

(1) Go to your web browser and go to the web page of Citicards online login found in Click the “Register” hyperlink seen on the left portion of the webpage.

citicards login

(2) Keep in mind that the account will not be exactly like it looks like on top. Nevertheless, try to look for the hyperlink “Register” found on the webpage and click it.

(3) Remember that it might occur that you will find the account of another person at Citibank and not the last webpage like in the image above. For this case, first sign out. Afterwards, refresh the webpage. When the webpage still has not shown up on the screen, just delete the cookies, the cache, and/or the passwords in the web browser. If there is an instance that you still cannot see the web page utilizing the needed links, just close the web browser and access the web page by utilizing another web browser.

(4) Depending on whether you are trying to sign into a bank account or a credit card, you would need to put in the Account Information, put in your access online, and click confirm. In this webpage, you would have to put in your ATM or Debit or Credit Card Number. Afterwards you would need to click the blue “Continue” button to get online confirmation and access. login

(5) There are a couple of things to remember for your login at Citibank. If you have a bank account, keep on hand the debit or ATM card number, including the PIN. This code is particularly the one you plug in at your ATM. Also be ready with your bank account number as well as your Social Security Number’s last four numbers. If you decide to register by utilizing your credit card, you would need to ready, your credit card, your security word, including the last four digits in your Social Security Number. If you are the credit card’s authorized user, you will need the Secure Transaction Code or STC that Citi gave you in an email wherein you as the authorized user is the primary cardholder. Remember that if you need the STC, the primary cardholder must be there to sign.